An Uncomfortable Truth About Trucking Accidents

98% of trucking accidents result in at least one death. With 130,000 truck accidents annually, that’s roughly the equivalent of losing all of Grand Junction and Mesa County every year. It’s an uncomfortable truth about trucking accidents, but one all drivers should consider when they share the road with a semi-truck.

Why Are Truck Accidents So Deadly?

Trucks are 80,000lbs of metal usually moving at least 60mph. When that force unexpectedly hits another vehicle or even a pedestrian, it causes unimaginable damage. That’s why truck drivers must have proper training and trucks must be in proper condition before they get on the road.

Trucks control very differently than normal autos. A truck driver must understand the limitations of their mirrors and the power of their brakes. They must know when the weather is too dangerous to continue, and they must acknowledge their own physical limits when faced with fatigue.

What Can Prevent Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are often preventable. The majority of accidents are the result of driver error or improper maintenance. Accidents caused by undertrained drivers and experienced drivers falling asleep at the wheel are sadly common. Even an equipment error, such as a blown tire, can fall on the driver, their mechanics, or their supervisors for failing to replace old materials before they became a risk.

The evidence is clear. When truck drivers and their companies neglect safety and proper procedure, they risk lives. Truck accidents almost always result in tragedy for the passenger vehicle without significant damage to the truck driver. It is an uncomfortable truth, but one we should all consider before we get behind the wheel.

If someone you love suffered serious injuries or wrongful death in a trucking accident, you may have a case. If you’d like an experienced Denver auto injury attorney from Springer & Steinberg to evaluate your claim, please call (303) 861-2800 or send us an email.


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