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DUI Penalties in Denver

Drunk driving is never a good idea. It is not only illegal, but it is potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, there are some situations when you may face a DUI charge, even when you’ve done nothing wrong. A DUI charge can significantly disrupt your life, creating a difficult situation for you moving forward following a conviction.

It’s important to have legal counsel to defend you following a DUI charge. Even without alcohol in your system, you face potential penalties from the DMV, and there’s no understating how vital representation is during this time.

Criminal Penalties

A conviction for a DUI can include the following penalties:

  • Anywhere from two days to one year in jail. Even first offenders face jail time, usually at least five days.
  • Anywhere from $200 to $1,500 in fines, as well as other fees.
  • Loss of your driver’s license lasting around 9 or 12 months. Some situations can lead to an indefinite revocation.
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) which prevents you from starting your vehicle without first blowing into a breathalyzer. You are also required to pay fees for this device each month.
  • Order for a treatment program for alcohol rehabilitation, all of which comes at an out-of-pocket cost.
  • Potential community service lasting up to 120 hours.

The criminal penalties are not the only ones you have to worry about, either. You may also have to deal with penalties from the Colorado DMV.

DMV Penalties

If you are arrested with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level over 0.08, the DMV will most often automatically revoke your driver’s license for anywhere from nine months to two years. If you refuse to take the mandatory testing to determine your BAC level, the revocation can go from one to three years.

You must act quickly—within 10 days—to stop the automatic driver’s license revocation.

Our Denver DUI defense lawyers at Springer & Steinberg, P.C. work hard to defend you in very difficult situations. Our focus is on you and your rights, working to keep your driving privileges intact, especially when you are wrongfully accused and arrested for a DUI. Learn your rights and get our team on your side today.

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