Car Accidents

The Dangers of Colorado Driving

In 2014, 488 people were killed on Colorado roadways with thousands more injured. Every day an accident occurs as thousands of people commute throughout the Denver area. One reason is that Denver is a major hub intersecting thousands of roadways. Interstate 70 running east to west and Interstate 25 running north to south run through Denver and the surrounding counties move tens of thousands of through the city and state every day. US Highways 6, 36 and 285 (Hampden Avenue) are also popular roadways to take when traveling outside the metro area; these too are densely populated highways that present a high level of danger.

Hiring an Attorney to Defend your Rights

Automobiles can be deadly when operated improperly. Every motorist has a responsibly to be a safe and careful driver, but often times they are not. Serious car accidents can leave the victim with brain injuries, whip-lash, lacerations, broken bones, paralysis or even dead. When an accident like this occurs, it is crucial you fight for what you have lost. Please do not hesitate to call Denver-based Springer & Steinberg to talk to an attorney and discuss your legal rights.

Examples of negligent driving:

  • Aggressive driving
    Tailgating and speeding are the most common here. When someone is following too closely behind, their ability to stop becomes nonexistent. The result is that you get rear ended. Speeding drivers can to cause a deadly accident. Failure to obey speed limits puts all other drivers on the road at risk. Limits are put into place because vehicles traveling well above them are likely to be in less control.

  • Distracted driving
    Texting while driving is an extremely dangerous recent trend. Sending a message while driving takes away all capacity to lawfully operate your vehicle. Not only does it put you at risk, but it can hurt those around you. Other forms may include talking on your phone, eating and preforming tasks unrelated to driving.

  • Violating traffic laws
    Failure to stop at a stop sign or running a red light presents an incredible threat to other drivers. Saving time is never as important as someone’s life. The traffic laws are there for everyone’s protection, and we assume they will be obeyed. When no one sees an accident coming the parties are often left with devastating injuries.

  • DUI
    Driving under the influence is illegal and can result in a fine and jail time. Regardless of whether you had alcohol, marijuana or prescription pain killers in your system, it is illegal to drive intoxicated. Even with the new marijuana laws in place, it is still illegal to drive high.

Sometimes it is the automobile that was at fault, not the operator. A failure of your vehicle can be deadly. If an accident is caused by a malfunction in your automobile, such as a brake pad, accelerator or tire, the manufacturer may be liable too. This is called a product liability claim, and at Springer & Steinberg we specialize in these cases too. We can help you bring about a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the failed part.

Springer & Steinberg has brought in millions of dollars from automobile related accidents. Our specialized attorneys have been working this area of the law for over 20 years. Every type of case, both small and large has come through our firm. To schedule a free consultation in our Denver office, call us at 877-473-6004 or contact us online. We represent individuals from communities throughout Douglas, Arapahoe, and Jefferson Counties, among other areas of Colorado.

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