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Separating from your partner is extremely difficult and raises many questions. How will parenting time be divided? How will we split up the assets? At Denver-based Springer & Steinberg, we handle many the many issues covered by “Family law.” But you don’t just need a family law firm—you need a firm that knows the judges who ultimately make the decisions. It matters if your case is in front of a Denver judge, rather than one in Jefferson County. Arapahoe County has many new judges, so it is not enough for your attorney to have practiced for a long time, you also need recent experience in front of a changing judicial bench. Our attorneys practice all over Colorado handling many types of cases, so we know the judges in Adams County as well as we know the judges in Douglas County. We combine experience and knowledge of the judges to give your case the individual attention it requires.

Depth and Breadth

Family Law cover a lot of different legal issues. Those include Divorce, Parental Rights, Property Division, and Protection Orders. Often claims of Domestic Violence are also made. The attorneys at Springer & Steinberg include attorneys that practice civil and criminal law so we know how to address matters when they overlap. We know family law, but we also know how a divorce will affect companies, corporations and partnerships owned and managed by our clients.

More than a spreadsheet

Family law cases have an overwhelming emotional aspect that can be difficult to handle. Calculating child support, spousal maintenance (which used to be called alimony), and parenting time might look like numbers on a page. But our attorneys understand separations are more than numbers. At Springer & Steinberg, we want to protect what you have earned while maintaining the relationships you have created. Allow us to negotiate on your behalf, and let us be your counselor in these tough times.

Knowledge is power

Attorneys at Springer & Steinberg possess the negotiation skills to help clients obtain their fair share in a dispute. But not all cases require an even split, there are always variables to consider. Property, parenting time and child support all must be divided, and most of the time this division does not go down the middle. We know how when to play nice and when to play hard. At Springer & Steinberg, we let the results speak for themselves. Our reputation comes from hard work, dedication and advocacy for our clients. We are constantly asking ourselves, “How can I increase my client’s chances of a good result?” Knowing the judges, the law, mediators and our competition gives us, and you the edge.

Out with the old

We understand the repercussions of poor representation including burdensome payments or limited parenting time. Circumstances also change. Even if a court already issued permanent orders, we can enter our appearance and work to fix old mistakes. If you are unhappy with your current situation, your current lawyer and you don’t want to go it alone, we can help.

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