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A young man, athletic and physically active, is out for a weekend in the mountains with his friends. They just purchased off-road vehicles and packed them with camping gear, hiking and fishing equipment. As they navigate winding and hilly paths, his UTV catches a rock and tumbles end over end out of control. The seatbelt: didn’t hold him tight to the vehicle. The roll cage: crumbled under the force of each impact. His spine: significantly damaged. His diagnosis: quadriplegia, likely permanent.

A mother is driving home from the grocery store. As she glances in the mirror at her snoozing toddler, she barely sees the car before impact. It feels like he could have been going a hundred even though it was only 10mph. Everyone is shaken but thinks they’re okay. Vehicle damage is minimal. They exchange information, call the police to report the incident and go about the rest of their day. The following morning, Mom wakes up with a stiff neck. Medical evaluation reveals she has suffered whiplash - an injury that may resolve over time or may linger indefinitely. For the time being, though, she can’t lift over 20 pounds. Her daughter weighs 19.

From minor to severe - spinal injuries can substantially and irrevocably impact the victim’s life, those who care for the victim and those who depend on them. It’s hard to argue against that statement, but insurance companies will try anyway.

Spinal Injury victims need one thing: an injury lawyer who knows how to fight for the compensation you need to recover from all your injuries, including the pain and suffering that follows even a small fender-bender.

Getting Compensation for Spinal Injuries

Those who have suffered a spinal injury understand the desperate need for adequate care, regardless of the severity. Expenses resulting from the initial injury, physical therapy and surgeries will have quickly piled up. Current treatment and therapy is lingering and uncertainty about how long and what type of care will be needed in the future is intimidating.

What are the Keys a Successful Case?

First, experience in all relevant areas of practice - workplace injury, car, truck and motorcycle accident, medical malpractice and product liability to name a few.

Second, intimate knowledge of insurance companies - how they operate and what games they play. How they argue against compensation.

And third, a clear understanding of spinal injury care - past, present and future.

Get the Right Legal Advice for Your Spinal Injury

The worst thing an attorney can do is tell a client their case is worth something it’s not, whether that’s more or less. Your best chance of getting the compensation you deserve is working with an attorney who takes a realistic and strategic approach to your claim. When given a fair assessment you will know what to expect.

And, as the injury and case details are revealed, it’s vital for you to feel you can trust that your attorney understands the strengths of your case. You need someone who can persuade an insurance company or jury to enter a just and fair award.

The complexity of spinal injury cases demands experience, commitment, and determination to get the highest dollar for your claim, not the pursuit of another commercial sound bite.

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