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Springer & Steinberg, P.C. is capable of handling difficult cases from start to finish, including if cases need to go through an appeal. Our Denver appellate attorneys are often called upon by individuals and local law firms alike who need to take a case to an appeal or who need to defend against an appeal. It is our goal to bring your case or your client’s case to its most favorable outcome possible.

What is an Appeal?

When a court case ends under questionable circumstances, an appeal can help set things right. The basic concept of an appeal is asking a higher court to review what happened in a lower court to see if any issues occurred that would render the case result legally invalid. Depending on where the initial case originated, appeals of Colorado cases usually begin by going to a state district court in the same county as the court that handled the case initially, or to the Colorado Court of Appeals. From there, a case may be appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court.

When is an Appeal Allowed?

Cases cannot be appealed simply because you or your client did not like the case result. There must be a recognizable legal issue to contest. The issue must have also made an impact on the case result, meaning legal mistakes do not necessarily validate the need for an appeal on their own.

An appeal can be used if the original or lower case involved:

  • Factual misunderstanding of available evidence
  • Procedural mistakes, such as wrongful suppression of evidence
  • Violations of a party’s rights
  • Sentencing or court orders are considered objectively excessive

Many law firms throughout Colorado come to our law firm to help evaluate whether a client’s case should be appealed. Pursuing an appeal when it is inappropriate can waste a client’s valuable time and resources.

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How an Appeal Can Conclude

There are a few ways an appeal can typically end:

  • Lower court’s finding is upheld, which may call for yet another appeal

  • Higher court changes the lower court’s ruling
  • Higher court dismisses the case due to uncorrectable legal errors
  • Case is sent back to the lower court for additional proceedings

When a case must be retried or revisited, only evidence available in the original case can be used for future proceedings. In many ways, the case must be repeated as closely as possible to the original case, except this time the factual or legal mistakes that invalidated the original result must be avoided.

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Representation for Appealing Plaintiffs or Defendants

Springer & Steinberg, P.C. in Denver is well-versed in appellate proceedings from both sides of a case. While we are often asked to help a law firm appeal for their client in personal injury or criminal defense cases, we can also lend our legal talents and insight to defend against an appeal. In civil cases like injury claims, appeals can be brought by either side, but the government cannot appeal a criminal case that reached a not guilty verdict.

In any situation, you cannot risk handling an appeal without knowing the intricacies of the appellate court systems. Leave the difficult details to us, so you can focus on other matters in your life or other client cases on your desk.

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