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If you own a business, you know how unpredictable it can be. You will encounter many challenges throughout your time owning a business and periodically face varying levels of success. When a completely unexpected event derails your business pursuits, filing a business interruption insurance claim can help.

The Denver business interruption claims and insurance lawyers of Springer & Steinberg, P.C. can help you receive coverage for your losses if your business has suffered due to a crisis. We can guide you through the insurance claims process and assist you if your claim has been denied.

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Situations That Are Covered by Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance provides benefits to business owners who have suffered from losses due to a crisis. Most policies cover unpredictable events, often that are naturally-occuring. Business interruption insurance does not cover losses caused by economic downturn, lack of sales, or similar circumstances.

Situations that may be covered by business interruption insurance include:

  • Fires
  • Natural disasters
  • Theft

Many businesses have suffered losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are wondering if their business interruption insurance policy will cover their expenses. The answer to that question will depend on your specific policy and the details of your claim. Contact Springer & Steinberg, P.C. to discuss your case and learn if a business interruption insurance claim will help you at this time.

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  • Unlawful Contact

  • DUI-Marijuana

  • Careless Driving.

  • Explosion/fire resulting in a severely burned worker.

  • Wrongful Death in a work-related accident.

  • A roll-over of a small motorized vehicle.

  • In the Matter of the Estate of Mark M. King, Colorado Court of Appeals Case.


What Expenses Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

Business interruption insurance can help you with the normal operating costs of owning a business during a crisis, as well as any new expenses that have arisen due to the crisis. If your business has suffered financially because of a covered disaster, you can receive benefits through a business interruption insurance claim that will cover the resulting costs.

Business interruption insurance covers expenses such as:

  • Property damage and loss — Natural disasters, fires, and other covered crises can result in the destruction or loss of buildings and merchandise. Business interruption insurance provides coverage for these damages.
  • Lost income — If you have lost property or are unable to work due to a disaster, business interruption insurance can cover the income you lost as a result.
  • Additional expenses — Business interruption insurance also accounts for additional expenses resulting from a crisis. This may include the cost of moving to another location or the financial impact of closing a business for a period of time.

What Should I Do if My Business Interruption Insurance Claim Was Denied?

Although you have a business interruption insurance policy, your claims may not be accepted. When business interruption insurance claims are denied, the most common reason given by insurers is that the cited crisis is not covered by the policy. This is true in some cases, but it’s possible that the insurance company is acting dishonestly to avoid paying your claim. Our Denver business interruption insurance claim lawyers can examine your policy to determine what your rights are, and pursue compensation from the insurance company.

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