Family Law Attorneys in Denver, CO

Personal Attention & Counsel to Guide You Toward a Brighter Future

Separating from your partner is extremely difficult and raises many questions. How will parenting time be divided? How will we split up the assets? At Springer & Steinberg, P.C., we handle many the many issues covered by family law. Our Denver family lawyers are here to guide you and your family toward a brighter and more stable future.

You don’t need just any family law firm—you need a firm that knows the judges who ultimately make the decisions. It matters if your case is in front of a Denver judge, rather than one in Jefferson County. Arapahoe County has many new judges, so it is not enough for your attorney to have practiced for a long time, you also need recent experience in front of a changing judicial bench. Our attorneys practice all over Colorado handling many types of cases, so we know the judges in Adams County as well as we know the judges in Douglas County. We combine experience and knowledge of the judges to give your case the individual attention it requires.