Co-Counsel for Complex Cases

Collaborating With Other Law Firms

Springer & Steinberg, P.C. of Denver is a recognized leader in litigation. When other law firms in Colorado and beyond need assistance with a difficult, high-stakes, or complicated case, they come to our attorneys for co-counsel more often than not. We thoroughly enjoy getting the chance to cooperate with other law firms in the pursuit of justice for their clients. We would also like to thank the law firms we have collaborated with throughout the years, for much of our reputation and success comes from the cases we have managed together.

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How We Can Help

We understand that not every lawyer has intimate knowledge of every type of case and claim. We know that your clients might come to your law firm with a case type you have not managed much in the past. Smaller law firms with only a few lawyers are all the more likely to encounter a complex case that leaves them feeling a little apprehensive about pursuing it.

When you are not sure if you are fully equipped to manage a client’s case, do not turn down the client. Instead, feel encouraged to team up with our lawyers in co-counsel to not only strengthen your client’s case but to also gain valuable insight from a legal team who has been in your situation before.

You can count on our attorneys to act as co-counsel for:

We have a proven track record of litigating many different types of cases across our decades of collective experience. Turn all of our experiences into your own by letting us act as your co-counsel today.