In the dynamic role of Senior Litigator at Springer & Steinberg PC, Joanna T. Floribus stands as a seasoned legal advocate, navigating the complexities of litigation with a unique blend of expertise and compassion. Graduating from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2015, Joanna’s legal journey has evolved into a profound commitment to justice within the realm of family law.

As a Senior Litigator, Joanna’s focus extends beyond legal strategies; it encompasses a deep understanding of the emotional intricacies that often accompany litigious matters. Her reputation as a compassionate legal professional is augmented by her dual admissions to the State Bar of California and Colorado Bar, underscoring her commitment to providing robust legal representation across diverse jurisdictions.

Endorsed by her peers, a fellow litigator acknowledges Joanna’s prowess, stating, “Joanna is a highly effective and zealous advocate for her clients. I regularly go to Joanna for input and appreciate her knowledgebase. I strongly endorse this lawyer.” This endorsement reflects the recognition of Joanna’s effectiveness and the trust she commands among colleagues in the legal community.

In her role as a Senior Litigator, Joanna brings a wealth of experience to the forefront, passionately advocating for the rights of her clients in various litigation scenarios. Whether navigating complex family law disputes, or criminal proceedings, Joanna’s approach is marked by a meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for those she represents.

Within the Springer & Steinberg PC legal team, Joanna’s role as a Senior Litigator is characterized by a dedication to upholding justice, embodying the principles of integrity, professionalism, and tenacity. Her impact in the realm of litigation goes beyond legal proceedings; it resonates with the individuals she represents, making her an invaluable asset to the firm and a trusted ally for those seeking robust legal advocacy.

Joanna possesses a deep passion for music with proficiency in both piano and singing. She has undergone examinations with the British Royal Academy of Music and remains dedicated to thoroughly enjoying and engaging in musical pursuits.

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