At Springer & Steinberg in Denver, Colorado, Attorney Steven Lambert is a distinguished member of the Law Team, leveraging his legal prowess and passion for navigating the intricate landscape of the nation’s governmental, bureaucratic, and judicial institutions. His journey into law school was propelled by a desire to comprehend and master the complexities of these systems.

With a multifaceted legal background encompassing civil litigation, criminal law, government relations, corporate, and commercial law, Steven discovered his true calling in family law—a domain he finds inherently connected to real-life human experiences. As a seasoned attorney, he has adeptly handled a spectrum of family law cases, from high-asset to low-asset, high-conflict to amicable, bringing a wealth of expertise to each case.

In his legal practice, Steven adopts a comprehensive approach, meticulously immersing himself in the facts of each case to become the most informed professional, aside from the involved parties. Simultaneously, he remains at the forefront of legal developments, ensuring a thorough understanding of applicable laws, even in nuanced or rarely litigated areas.

Steven’s proactive stance extends to educating the court on unique factual elements in cases involving novel legal aspects. His commitment to being well-versed and informed equips him to strategically navigate courtrooms and settlement conferences, aiming for optimal outcomes for his clients and their families.

On a personal level, Steven prioritizes accessibility, recognizing the profound stress clients often face during challenging times. He remains readily available, ensuring all case information is at his fingertips, and endeavors to provide unwavering support and guidance throughout the legal process. As a dedicated lawyer, Steven Lambert combines legal expertise with a human touch to advocate effectively for his clients in the realm of family law.

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