I Was Hit on My Motorcycle By an Uninsured Driver. Can I Still Sue for Damages?

Accidents of any kind can lead to sky-high medical bills that most people are not prepared for. Motorcycle accidents specifically can leave riders with severe injuries and even higher medical bills.

Insurance coverage is there to protect riders and drivers from the financial aftermath of an accident. However, not everyone on the road has the insurance protection they are required to have. Statistics show that about 1 in 8 motorists on the road are uninsured.

When someone is injured in a motorcycle accident by an uninsured driver, it may leave them uncertain as to how they will pay for their medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Here is how these individuals may pursue compensation for their losses.

Pursuing Compensation

A majority of motorcycle accidents occur, in some part, due to the negligence of other drivers. This means that the other driver’s insurance coverage should cover the losses that you sustained in a motorcycle accident.

However, if you’re injured by an uninsured driver, you will most likely have to go through your own insurance company if you have uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. In addition, Colorado law requires all motorcyclists to have the following insurance coverage:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury

  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury

  • $15,000 per accident for property damage

The insurance company will probably try to avoid paying you out the full compensation you are entitled to. A personal injury attorney can help guide you through this process and work to ensure you recover what you need to have your out-of-pocket expenses paid for.

Contact a Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle crashes can lead to devastating emotional and physical injuries that may take a long time to fully heal. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident due to a negligent driver, you need experienced legal representation. The attorneys at Springer & Steinberg will look at the evidence of your case, determine responsible parties, and fight to ensure you receive the compensation you need to move forward.

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