Nighttime Driving: How to Improve Your Visibility

It’s no secret that driving at night is inherently more dangerous than driving during the day. You can only see as far as your headlights. A text message popping up on your phone is like a miniature lighthouse in your cupholder. If you need to reach for something, you may end up fumbling in the dark. These factors add up to make nighttime driving three times more dangerous than normal driving.

There are a few things you can do to improve your visibility while driving at night. Each of these may seem small on their own. However, these tips add up and can help decrease your chances of getting into a crash in the dark.

1. Turn down the Dash Lights

The lights from the dashboard can create a distracting glow, especially when they’re turned up too high. Thankfully, your car has a dimmer switch next to the steering wheel. When you turn down your dash lights at night, you’re eliminating the distraction and glare.

2. Keep Your Phone on Do Not Disturb

Easily one of the biggest distractions for nighttime driving. You might keep your phone in a cupholder or on a mount, and suddenly you get a text message. The light momentarily blinds you and takes your focus away from the road as you reach for the lock button. Do yourself a favor; turn your brightness down and put your phone on “do not disturb” mode while driving

3. Adjust Your Mirrors

Have you ever been in front of a much larger car whose headlights perfectly hit all three of your mirrors and shine right into your eyes? If so, you should try to readjust your mirrors and let them pass you.

4. Clean Your Windshield

Cleaning your windshield is one of the best ways to improve nighttime visibility. Streaks and hard water stains are especially noticeable in the dark. Even a small smudge can create a blind spot.

5. Headlight Check

Are your headlights looking yellow? If so, it might be time for a replacement. Plastic headlight covers become sun-bleached and warped over time. Faded covers dramatically reduce your headlight’s power and effective range. If your headlight covers look yellow, its time to bring the car into the shop.

If you’ve were involved in a nighttime car accident because of low visibility or the negligence of another driver, feel free to call Springer & Steinberg at (303) 861-2800 or send us an email.


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