The Forms of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence comes in many forms, and when you are accused of committing such a crime, you must know how to defend your rights. A domestic violence charge comes with several consequences, and this type of charge and conviction can negatively impact your entire life and career. Below, we will explain the types of domestic violence you may be accused of and how to defend yourself from these accusations.

Physical Abuse

Domestic violence is often charged as assault. Assault is physical contact that causes pain to the other person. Depending on the circumstances, assault can be charged as different felonies or as a misdemeanor.

Emotional Abuse

Threats of violence and intimidation can both fall under emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can take on numerous forms, but it’s one of the more common reasons for domestic violence calls. One party claims that the other has threatened them, and it’s causing fear and anxiety.

Sexual Abuse and Harassment

One of the most damaging types of domestic violence is sexual abuse. Of course, all instances of sexual abuse should be taken seriously. However, in some cases, a false accusation of this action in a domestic violence case can be detrimental to the accused’s future. It’s imperative to hire a lawyer throughout the process to defend your rights.

Facing any kind of accusation can be difficult. An accusation of violence that causes someone to experience harm can be one of the most challenging things to overcome. If you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence for any reason, make sure you take the time to hire a lawyer to defend you from these accusations.

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