When To Take Action Against an Electric Scooter Rider

Take a trip to any large city and you’ll probably see people using electric scooters at some point. While many individuals hop on these scooters without thinking much of it, the reality is that these new transportation devices can cause injuries to both the rider and pedestrians.

Because they are relatively new, there are often many questions regarding liability when someone is injured by a scooter rider. The laws that apply to these new devices can be difficult to navigate, and collecting financial compensation for injuries caused by scooter riders can be complicated without the help of a personal injury attorney.

The time to pursue damages is as soon as the rider is identified, and your attorney will be your go-to resource when determining how to pursue legal action moving forward.

Collecting the Necessary Evidence

Following a scooter accident, there are certain steps one should take to ensure their rights to compensation are protected later on. Immediately after the collision occurs, law enforcement should be notified so that the incident is documented. Witness statements and photos should be recorded and the injured individual should immediately get medical treatment to assess the damage done.

Even if you do not think you are seriously injured, getting a proper medical diagnosis is essential to any personal injury case. This will help your personal injury attorney prove that your injuries were, in fact, the direct result of the electric scooter accident.

Obtaining Compensation for Damages

One of the biggest problems with recovering damages from a negligent scooter rider is that riders typically do not have the insurance that covers these types of accidents. The majority of electric scooter riders also tends to be younger individuals who may not have the assets to pay for damages.

There are also waiver agreements that must be agreed upon by the rider that exclude the company from responsibility to a certain extent. However, the scooter company can be held liable if, for example, the accident occurred because of a device malfunction.

Financial recovery could be very challenging without an aggressive legal advocate on your side who can help you pursue the best chance at maximum compensation. If you’ve been injured on or by an electric scooter in the Denver area, make sure your rights to compensation are protected.

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