Why Does the Insurance Company Want a Recorded Statement?

Insurance companies often act as though they are on your side; unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Therefore, it’s important to identify tactics insurance companies use to hurt peoples’ cases. One of these tactics is taking recorded statements from those injured in accidents.

Recorded Statements & Insurance Companies

If an insurance company calls you, they will likely say that the line is being recorded before they proceed with their questions. People often think that the recordings will be used for training purposes, but this is only partly true.

When an insurance company wants to record a call, it means they will use the call against you. They will often take a statement that tries to implicate you as the one who caused the car accident.

For this reason, insurance companies may ask things like:

  • Was there anything you could have done differently to prevent the accident?
  • Is there any important information you left out of the police report?
  • Can you recall how the other driver caused the accident?
  • Are there any witnesses that can corroborate your story?

Any one of these questions can lead to answers that insurance companies will use against you to “prove” your negligence. For example, if the insurance company can cast doubt on what you saw the other driver do, they can use this crack in the case to say that the injured party is an unreliable source of information.

Based on these facts, it may be best to forgo a call with someone else’s insurance company. However, talking to an insurance company may be necessary to make a case. Therefore, it’s always wise to talk to an attorney before committing to a conversation with insurance.

Talk With an Attorney

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident, it’s wise to talk to an attorney about the case. An attorney can estimate the value of someone’s injuries, while helping them navigate the insurance process.

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