Business Litigation

Keeping Commerce Moving

The cities and counties that comprise the Metro Denver area, including Aurora, are now home to 3 million people. We have a low rate of unemployment and consumer spending is very good. The driving force behind those positive numbers is a strong business community. But good business does not always mean good business relationships. If you have a business dispute, you need a lawyer who understands more than how to litigate—you need a lawyer who understands business.

Commercial and business litigation

At the heart of every transaction is a contract, even if its not in writing, that create agreements between many types of parties including, vendors, partners, employees, shareholders, general or sub- contractors, customers and clients. Contract disputes arise out these and the multitude of other business relationships that people and companies create.

It is not enough to be able to read or understand the terms of the contract. Understanding the party’s relationships, motivations, and goals is very important when deciding whether to bring a lawsuit or how much energy and effort is required to defend against a breach of contract claim. Hiring a lawyer who thinks strategically can be critical to accomplishing business goals and not just litigation goals.

Business Torts

Business torts are claims that are not based in a contract; instead they involve other forms of wrongdoing. Wrongful acts by other companies or individuals can cause a business to lose customers, opportunities, confidential information, or a competitive advantage. When we represent the injured business, we aggressively pursue litigation with the hope of settlement but an eye on victory at trial. When we represent defendant companies, a good defense is a strong offense—taking charge of the litigation by pursuing early dismissal, or limiting discovery can keep costs down over the long run.

Construction Litigation

Colorado has enacted laws that require a specific process for bringing construction defect claims. Liens issues will also frequently arise, especially if payments are withheld. Other claims can include warranty claims, negligence claims, and breach of contract. An attorney with experience in all of these areas can put together the right strategy and work towards getting the problems fixed or paid for.

Unique attorneys with right experience

Whether it’s a small dispute that needs resolving or problem that threatens the company itself, the attorneys at Springer & Steinberg can tenaciously advocate for your rights. To schedule a free consultation in our Denver office, call us at 877-473-6004 or contact us online. We represent businesses of all sizes from communities throughout Douglas, Arapahoe, and Jefferson Counties, among other areas of Colorado.

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