Domestic Violence Stats & Penalties

The numbers concerning domestic violence are alarming. Unfortunately, countless individuals suffer abuse in intimate relationships. Many others face false accusations, and it leaves those individuals enduring the challenging legal process that follows.

You should know the different stats concerning domestic violence and the penalties you may face if you are the subject of accusations. If someone wrongfully accuses you of domestic violence, we’ll be there to help you defend your rights and freedom.

Domestic Violence Stats

Below, we’ll provide some stats concerning domestic violence you should know about:

  • Roughly 20 people suffer from physical abuse by an intimate partner every minute. These numbers add up to more than 10 million people each year.
  • Men and women can both be victims in domestic violence cases:
    • 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence
    • 1 in 9 men experience domestic violence
  • On any given day, there are over 20,000 calls to domestic violence hotlines.
  • A small amount of research shows many domestic violence accusations arise during family law proceedings

It’s concerning to know that so many people suffer from domestic violence. It’s just as devastating to know that so many people make false accusations regarding domestic violence. When false allegations arise, those who face charges have the right to defend themselves.

Domestic Violence Conviction Penalties

Domestic violence convictions can have a significant impact on your entire life. Not only does the social stigma follow you into your professional life and personal life, but the criminal penalties can also lead to time in jail, fines, and more.

A domestic violence penalty matches the penalty of the coinciding charge. For instance, if your domestic violence charge is based on a claim that you assaulted your significant other, you face penalties for assault. Similarly, a battery accusation in a domestic violence case would follow the penalties for battery.

At Springer & Steinberg, P.C., we know any situation you encounter where you face a serious charge can be challenging to endure. Our Denver domestic violence attorneys stand in your corner from start to finish to prove your innocence and safeguard your rights.


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