Harvey Steinberg Known for NFL Player Defense Case Victories

Attorney Harvey Steinberg of Springer & Steinberg, P.C., headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has a long history of tackling high-stakes criminal defense cases and succeeding. In particular, he is routinely called upon by current and former NFL players who have been accused of serious criminal violations, such as sex crimes and violent crimes.

Currently, Attorney Steinberg is representing Kellen Winslow Jr., a former NFL tight end. He has been charged with multiple charges of sexual assault and rape against elderly women. There are already indicators that Winslow’s case will follow Steinberg’s successful trend, as three apparent witnesses could not identify Winslow in court on July 11th, 2018. The objective of the criminal defense team is keeping all or most of the charges from going to trial.

Other NFL Defense Cases Won by Steinberg

In 2012, Elvis Dumervil, a defensive end, was faced with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges. According to the story told to police, Dumervil cut another driver off in traffic, exited his vehicle, and showed the other driver a firearm kept on his person in intimidation. He retained Attorney Harvey Steinberg for defense representation, who got right to work to dismantle the allegations. After Attorney Steinberg disputed the validity of the questionable statements, no formal charges were ever filed against Dumervil.

In another 2012 case, Perrish Cox, a former NFL cornerback, was charged for two counts of felony sexual assault. He denied having any sexual encounter with the accuser, but DNA evidence proved to be a positive match. Attorney Steinberg was once again retained to serve as the defense. He focused not on separating Cox from the accuser, but instead establishing that rape had not occurred. After showing the jury that the accuser had a history of untrustworthy habits, Steinberg was able to land a not guilty verdict.

Brandon Marshall was accused of domestic violence, originating from reported incidents back in 2008. Attorney Harvey Steinberg was able to show the court that Marshall’s accuser had a volatile personality that contributed not only to the potential for violence but also tormented Marshall. The case ended in a defense victory.

There was also a 2001 acquittal victory landed for Bill Romanowski, who had been accused of illegally using prescription medicine. Steinberg was able to dismantle the evidence against Romanowski by proving the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) entered his house without a warrant. Back in 2007, Travis Henry’s NFL suspension for alleged marijuana usage was also blocked by Steinberg’s efforts, who argued he had only inhaled marijuana smoke secondhandedly.

(You can learn more about Attorney Steinberg’s history of successful case results by clicking here and visiting an article from The Big Lead online newsgroup.)

Hard-Hitting Criminal Defense for NFL Players

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