Will My Car Accident Case Go to Trial?

A car accident claim is never easy to endure on your own. And if it goes to trial, you should not be alone. While many cases never go to trial, you need someone who knows what to do if it does, and who prepares from day one as if trial is the only option. Our team is here to help you understand what to expect.

How Often Do Cases Go to Trial?

Car accident claims most often settle before making it to trial. In fact, just 5% of all car accident claims ever end in a trial. Getting through the process without going to trial does not always mean you can go it alone or that any attorney will do—it means having legal counsel on your side who understands how trial works, knows when trial is necessary, and knows how to navigate the process and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Why Don’t Insurance Companies Want Trial?

Insurance companies know that if they go to trial, it will be a long and expensive process for them. They offer low-ball settlements to try and get out of going to trial, hoping that you want to avoid that process, too. Even if you never end up in trial, forcing insurance companies to go through that process can lead to good results.

Why Do Cases Go to Trial?

Many cases go to trial because insurance companies offer low settlements. If an insurance adjuster is only offering a settlement that covers their own profits without focusing on your needs, you may have to force the insurance company to go to trial to be made whole.

Working with a lawyer who knows how trial works and who is not afraid of trial helps your best interests, even if you never get to a trial. Multiple situations can determine if your case will go to trial, but it’s best to stay prepared in case it happens. Going to trial requires knowledge of state laws and understanding how to maximize the compensation you may receive.

At Springer & Steinberg, P.C., we put your pursuit of justice first. Our Denver car accident attorneys will be in your corner from start to finish. You deserve a voice, and we’ll be the team to help give you a chance at success.

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