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What Crimes Make You a Sex Offender?

Jul 23

It’s never easy to have someone accuse you of a severe crime. However, some have more severe repercussions than others....

Top 10 Things to Know When Filing a Car Accident Claim

Jun 21

It’s not easy to suffer an injury because of someone else’s negligence. Car accidents can result in some of the...

Summer Heat and Tire Blowout Dangers

Jun 10

As personal injury lawyers, we always look to find any situation where negligence may exist. After all, when someone else...

The Dangers of Social Media in Domestic Violence Cases

Jun 9

One of the biggest changes in recent years regarding domestic violence (and nearly all types of criminal cases) is social...

The 3 Biggest Dangers During the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer

May 17

During the summer lies the 100 deadliest days. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there is often an increase in...

The Forms of Domestic Violence

May 6

Domestic violence comes in many forms, and when you are accused of committing such a crime, you must know how...

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